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The Weekend...

I ended up going to Docs and Clay's party because my friend Erick asked me to be his date(aka designated driver :P).  It was really awkward at first because Doc really didnt want me there, but clay was one of my pretty good friends so he couldnt really kick me out or anything.  Over all the party was pretty good, i ended up avoiding Docs the whole night until my 'date' passed out around 2-ish and I needed help from someone to carry him over to his car... And Thanks to Murphy's Law: Docs was the only person sober enough to walk and we were his 'guests' so he helped me out. I was expecting some snide remarks as he was helping  me with erick but he was actually well behaved and before i got to the driver side he tells me to "Be careful with this guy. He's a peice of work." then he just leaves without letting me say anything back.


What does that mean?

Anyway, Today was the first day of my Last year of HighSchool. I only went to half of my classes today since the administration messed up my schedule... again... blahhhh
There was this hott guy in my English Class his name was Brandon or Braeden...(Bra-something)
My Physics Teacher is hilarious. I have a feeling he's going to be my favorite. :p
I have Docs in ROTC (as expected) blahhh.
I just found out that I have to talk 2 more ROTC classes.
I also found out that Im Miss Davila's Theater aid for 3 of her Theater 1 classes. (there goes my 3 senior opens)
I have my exboyfriend, Jake in 4 of the 5 classes that i went to today. Idk about the other 5 yet. -__-
I am meeting a Navy Recruiter after school tomorrow to talk about me applying for a Navy Scholarship.



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