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Interesting Turn of events...

So I was at starbucks this morning getting my daily dose of caffeine when I hear a very high pitched voice screech: "CASSSSSSAAAANDRA!!!".


I already knew who it was even before I turned around.
Partly because it's not my real name and only two people have really ever called me cassandra: Docs and his mother.

And considering the fact that it was a female voice and that Docs hasnt talked to me in almost 5 months, I assumed it was his mother even before I saw that it was her. 

So, there we were making small talk, she asked me how my mother was doing and how work was doing and how was my summer going... I answered every single one of her questions without falter until she asked me how come I never hang around their house anymore, that was when i just smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders. 
I have a feeling that she doesnt have a clue that his has been a dickhead to me for the past 2 and a half years because she invites me to Docs' (and Clay's) joint 18thBirthday/EndoftheSummer Party.  As she was telling me about it all I could think was:  how very gay of them.


I told her I'll try to go and then went away.

Take note that I really was NOT planning on going but I was just being polite.

Two hours later, I get a call from Docs and I quote him: "I don't know what you told my mother but I do not want you there". I laugh at him and hung up.  Now I am seriously considering going just to piss him off. That would be epic.



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